Manage and report emissions and nature risks across your portfolio

Manage and report emissions and nature risks across your portfolio

Asset owners, banks, insurers, and investors rely on FLINTpro for land-sector emissions and biodiversity due diligence, meeting complex regulatory disclosure requirements, and modeling future scenarios to mitigate transition risks.

The financial sector is facing mounting pressure to reduce its climate impact. Voluntary initiatives, compulsory legislation, investor pressure, and reputational risk add additional pressure to commercial strategies.

This pressure extends to financial companies with indirect and direct relationships to the land, whether you own that land, provide financing for it, insure it, or invest in companies that rely on it.

The accuracy and granularity of data provided by FLINTpro empowers financial services firms to identify critical contributors to your portfolio’s nature risks, proactively engage with clients, and position your organization as a leader in managing financed emissions.

Our approach

We’ve pioneered environmental accounting over the last twenty years, taking the massive, evolving trove of land management data and empowering your decision-making with transparency and accuracy. That’s just one more reason why we’re leaders in nature analytics.

FLINTpro in action

Due diligence assessment

Quickly assess the nature risks of a potential investment

Due diligence is crucial for quantifying risk and understanding the implications of strategic or commercial initiatives. It provides the foundation for informed decision-making, ensuring organizations navigate potential challenges and seize opportunities with foresight.

Due diligence increasingly requires a nature risk assessment to ensure that decisions align with sustainability goals and mitigate risks associated with environmental impact. FLINTpro provides specialized data for evaluating deforestation risk, Scope 1 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity impact – all via SaaS applications and APIs for a rapid and comprehensive assessment.

Reporting and compliance

Satisfy a range of ESG requirements covering Scope 3, deforestation, nature risks, and more

Reporting and compliance are crucial in fostering transparency, accountability, and adherence to standards and regulations for financed emissions.

Crafted by climate science, policy, and data experts, FLINTpro empowers you to generate compliant-ready outputs, encompassing a comprehensive range of regulations and standards such as GHG Protocol, SBTi, PCAF, TCFD, TNFD, and more. These results allow you to delve into granular details while maintaining the highest standards of rigor.

Emissions reduction and mitigation

Achieving net zero is inherently forward-facing.
A comprehensive view of how your emissions may evolve is needed.

Decisions can be made today to shape a more sustainable tomorrow. FLINTpro’s scenario models help financial institutions assess the deforestation, emissions, and biodiversity impacts of various investment opportunities, including reforestation and afforestation projects and supply chain sustainability improvements. This facilitates the development of a realistic and effective mitigation plan for reducing your environmental footprint.

In navigating the financial sector's response to climate change, FLINTpro proves pivotal. As pressures mount, transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulations and standards are imperative. FLINTpro offers comprehensive support for banks, asset managers, and asset owners in pursuit of sustainable finance practices.