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As the world-leading natural capital and land carbon accounting solution, FLINTpro® empowers organisations to address climate change using data-driven decision-making.

FLINTpro integrates innovative earth-sensing technologies, the latest scientific and analytical models, and advanced simulations, in order to measure and forecast carbon and GHG emissions for a range of land use and management needs including: forests, agriculture, biomass, soils, product benchmarking and foot-printing, and supply chain tracking.

Above and belowground biomass

Dead organic matter

Soil organic carbon

Forest and agricultural products

Why choose FLINTpro

FLINTpro simplifies the processing of large and complex data sets to help you better understand, map and measure your GHG emissions and meet environmental reporting needs. 

With unmatched integration of complex data sets, FLINTpro delivers accuracy, speed and flexibility like no other solution in the market – and is customisable to your needs.

Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, the expert FLINTpro team can help you harness nature-based solutions to achieve global impact.

With advanced forecasting simulations and visually compelling results you can drive the environmental contribution of your portfolio assets.

Access the right data at the right time, to effectively identify climate risk reduction opportunities and scenarios for advanced decision making.  

  • Certified accuracy
  • Global application 
  • Unrivalled speed and cost
  • 24/7 reports and results access
  • Fully customisable

FLINTpro for Business

Enterprizes working toward carbon net-zero goals and transparent and deforestation-free supply chains, rely upon FLINTpro as a climate action solution and reporting tool.

FLINTpro for Finance

FLINTpro supports the worldwide asset management, banking, and development finance markets with land sector specific data analytics for investment carbon footprinting, TCFD implementation, and ESG impact reporting.

FLINTpro for Government

FLINTpro can be used on a local, regional, or national scale to calculate carbon emissions and sequestration, to empower decisions, and create report ready outputs in line with UNFCCC reporting guidelines.

“FLINTpro is unique, as it integrates and analyzes more sensory data sources than any other platform and simplifies all environmental reporting relating to land use, including carbon, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, water, soil, and forestry.”

Dr Rob Waterworth, CEO – FLINTpro

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