Forest Insights

Measure the carbon baseline, abatement potential, and scope 3 emissions of forested and deforested land with FLINTpro Insights in minutes.

Forests play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and mitigating human impacts on the planet. Whether you own, invest in, or indirectly impact forests via your supply chain, reliable data on forest carbon fluxes is essential for fulfilling climate commitments. FLINTPro Insights simplifies land sector analysis, providing easy and transparent reporting for informed decision-making.


Get comprehensive results in minutes.

Pre-configured with high-quality scientific models and datasets.

Multiple scenarios modeled to identify impactful opportunities.


High-fidelity spatial and temporal processing at 25-30 meters resolution.

The full spectrum of past and projected environmental metrics.

Supported with documentation describing our methods and models.


Scientifically rigorous results to meet your reporting needs for GHG Protocol, SBTi, PCAF, and carbon project feasibility assessments.

Audit-ready reports that you can confidently share with your stakeholders.

Have specific modeling requirements for audit-ready reporting?

Look to FLINTpro Advanced Analytics for fully-customizable, complex analyses.

FLINTpro Insights for

Manage and report emissions across your portfolio.

Understand your portfolio's Scope 1 and 3 emissions liability.

Navigate evolving disclosure requirements and generate audit-ready reports.

Identify emissions reduction and value creation opportunities to reach your climate commitments.

Lead to a more sustainable agricultural supply chain.

Assess Land Use Change emissions liability and risks of your agricultural supply chain.

Build compliant-ready GHG reports of Scope 3 emissions.

Unlock impactful climate actions with emissions reduction opportunities and scenario modeling.

Accelerate carbon project development at scale.

Perform rapid assessments of potential project sites anywhere in the world.

Evaluate project feasibility with forest carbon baseline and abatement potential assessments by putting your land data to work.

Monitor projects over time to assess impacts and support accreditation and audits.

FLINTpro, out of the box

Cloud-hosted Platform

Cloud-hosted for secure, efficient, and scalable operations.

Inputs, outputs, and analyses are linked, enabling traceability.

Secure data management for confidentiality and integrity.

Workflow management

Manage permissions for your teams.

Accessible to all levels of technical expertise.

Seamless integration

Outputs integrate with GIS and reporting systems.

Comprehensive data libraries support a broad range of commodities, diverse geographies, and diverse formats for input data.

Frequently asked questions

All you need is a geospatial file describing your area(s) of interest. Read our guide to creating a spatial file.

We implement a range of supporting data and scientific models to assess your land, such as:

  • IPCC-based GHG models supported by the best available open remote-sensing products
  • Tier 3 forest models and supporting datasets (available for Australia)

FLINTpro Insights generates the following results:

  • A map of your area of interest that shows its forest carbon stock and forest carbon stock change.
  • Export-ready data for you to explore on your assessment results page for the following: Net GHG Emissions, Gross GHG Emissions, Gross GHG Removals, Forest Carbon Stock, Forest Carbon Stock Change, Forest/Non-Forest Land Cover, and Forest/Non-Forest Land Cover Change.

Our approach

We’ve pioneered environmental accounting over the last twenty years, taking the massive, evolving trove of land management data and empowering your decision-making with transparency and accuracy. That’s just one more reason why we’re leaders in nature analytics.