Advanced Analytics

FLINTpro Advanced Analytics offers land experts access to a comprehensive modeling suite, including complete customization of input data and methods, for fully personalized insights into your portfolio.

A comprehensive understanding of your land sector emissions and emissions drivers is crucial to delivering your deforestation-free and climate commitments. This understanding requires specialized data and models that reflect interventions within your portfolios and supply chain across geographies, commodities, and land uses. The challenge, however, is that it can be challenging to integrate your data or other available datasets appropriately and transparently.

FLINTpro’s Advanced Analytics provides access to our full modeling suite. Upgrade model inputs from pre-configured data to your knowledge of the land at higher resolutions, incorporate specialized datasets and models for the region, run what-if analyses to maximize the quality and utility of your results, and finally, dive into results to understand carbon histories and projections for thousands of sites.


Execute the FLINTpro land sector model at a 30-meter resolution using our extensive data library and, optionally, your own.

Stack datasets to refine analyses in the areas most needed.

Tailor models and data for the unique conditions of every continent and commodity.


Audit trails track all data and methods used to generate outputs.

Detailed documentation describes our data development process and methods.

Our experts stand at the ready for guidance on appropriate modeling choices.


Outputs can be used for GHG Protocol, SBTi, PCAF, and carbon project feasibility assessments.

FLINTpro reports gross carbon fluxes, allowing for appropriate accounting of emissions and reductions.

Assess both historical and future environmental metrics at a site and portfolio level to understand impacts on future commitments.

Are you focused on regulatory matters?

FLINTpro RegIQ is a focused tool for getting to compliance.

FLINTpro Advanced Analytics for

Model the land sector emissions of your investment and asset portfolio.

Unlock impactful climate actions with emissions reduction opportunities and scenario modeling for one to hundreds of thousands of sites.

Understand your portfolio's Scope 1 and 3 emissions
liability and future investment opportunities.

Manage and report emissions across your portfolio.

Measure the Scope 1 and Scope 3 emission drivers throughout your supply chain.

Identify emissions reduction and value creation opportunities to reach your climate commitments.

Explore scenarios to maximize the value of offset and inset opportunities.

Accelerate afforestation and reforestation carbon project development at scale.

Evaluate project feasibility with forest carbon baseline and abatement potential assessments by putting your land data to work.

Model multiple scenarios to maximize the value of your project.

Monitor projects over time to assess impacts and support accreditation and audits.

FLINTpro, out of the box

Workflow management

Manage permissions for your teams.

Best suited to technical specialists such as GIS.

Store your favorite datasets and settings for convenient and consistent reuse across sites.

Seamless integration

Outputs fit seamlessly into existing workflows.

Can integrate with GIS or reporting systems.

Comprehensive data libraries cover a broad range of commodities and diverse geographies.

Cloud-hosted platform

Cloud-hosted for secure, efficient, and scalable operations.

Inputs, outputs, and analyses are linked, enabling traceability.

Efficient data management for confidentiality and integrity.

Frequently asked questions

What inputs are required?

All you need is a geospatial file describing your area(s) of interest. Read our guide to creating a spatial file.

What other data can I bring in?

Model runs can be customized with additional spatial and temporal data, and with a SQL database for parameter initialization and logic. This can include biomass potential, growth rates, forest types, forest cover, and event data such as historical wildfires.

How do you process the data?

FLINTpro runs simulations using the following scientific models:

  • Tier 1: Hansen Configuration V9, Tier 1/2: Forest/Non-Forest Configuration (V4), Tier 1/2: Multi-class, Tier 2: Hansen Configuration V9 for any area of interest globally.
  • Pre-configured Tier 3 FullCAM for any area of interest in Australia.
What results does FLINTpro Advanced Analytics generate?

FLINTpro Insights generate the following results:

  • Forest area and change
  • CO2 emissions and removals associated with land cover change
  • Carbon stored in forest
  • Projected changes in carbon stock, emissions, and removals
  • Soil organic carbon

Our approach

We’ve pioneered environmental accounting over the last twenty years, taking the massive, evolving trove of land management data and empowering your decision-making with transparency and accuracy. That’s just one more reason why we’re leaders in nature analytics.