Experts in Natural Capital

Our team have been the architects of land sector carbon trading mechanisms, SaaS applications, data integrations,
and analytics for over 20 years.

Lead authors and expert reviewers

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At our roots, we are both scientists and environmentalists. We are committed to expanding knowledge, but we know that that knowledge must spread beyond the ivory tower to make a real impact. Now more than ever, scientists must partner with businesses to both draw insights from data and learn how to respond.

That is what we do, and we’ve been doing it successfully for more than two decades.
We drove policy and market work, including international negotiations on the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, so that we could build a way to measure, report, and verify environmental data that would drive meaningful change from the smallest farm to the largest countries.

We're here to empower confident, data-informed decisions in land management to drive positive change in both nature and business.

We’re driving a nature-positive future, after all.

As carbon and environmental markets and regulations continue to grow and change, and as climate change alters the rules of modeling our planet, we are here to make sure that decisions are made with our best understanding of the world.

Our mission

Empower confident, data-informed decisions in land management to drive positive change in both nature and business.

Our vision

Reveal nature’s value through transparent, intuitive insights.

Our secret sauce

We’re deeply rooted in our mission to reveal the true value of nature and to empower confident decision-making around land use and how to protect it.

We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration, the people who take risks to lead the way, to help solve some of our planet’s most challenging crises. We value integrity and transparency as much as accuracy and discovery, keeping the scientific ethos of knowledge for the common good at the core of what we do.

At FLINTpro, our values are centered around four core principles.


We aren’t here simply because we got lucky.

We are here because our founders, as scientists and policy makers, have spent decades at the forefront of our fields, lighting the way for the future of environmental accounting and data-based land management.

While we are humble, we have the spirit of discovery embedded: we’re helping clients truly realize the baseline footprint and abatement opportunities for their future.


The world is changing and we are changing with it.

We use new thinking and cutting-edge approaches to tackle some of the future’s biggest challenges.

We see the best in what our clients can do and we empower them to think beyond the norm so that they might have a larger impact: actively driving positive change in business and nature.


By better understanding and respecting different perspectives, including our fellow team members as well as our clients and partners, we can work together for greater purpose.


We want to empower people and organizations with tools and capabilities that they actually understand, that they know have value because they can walk through the data and explain it themselves through our methodology.

It is one thing to claim transparency and it is another to offer it unconditionally, and that approach is core to how we build and maintain trust with clients and integrity within our own teams.