June 20, 2023

New Partnership Agreement with Geospatial Intelligence

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Canberra, Australia – Geospatial Intelligence and FLINTpro announce new partnership to drive high-quality carbon accounting and national capital assessment.

FLINTpro, a leading carbon accounting and natural capital analytics platform and Geospatial Intelligence, a leader in advanced, high-resolution and hyperspectral data analysis, today announced a new partnership agreement to support advanced land sector carbon accounting and natural capital systems.

Both companies have a long history of working collaboratively in large scale operational contexts, from national mapping programs through highly detailed field-level analysis. This new partnership will provide the FLINTpro system with access to high resolution (<1.5m) and hyperspectral-based data products that will increase accuracy and understanding at a time when many groups are looking for more complete solutions for natural capital accounting.

Tina Morris, the recently appointed CEO of FLINTpro, noted the importance of this partnership to support FLINTpro’s mission to Reveal Nature’s Value “Geospatial Intelligence’s leadership in using high-resolution and hyperspectral satellite data is globally recognised. Geospatial Intelligence products will bring a whole new dimension to the FLINTpro offering, allowing for more accurate, detailed and complete analysis of carbon, biodiversity and other natural capital assets in a cost-effective manner’.

Rob Coorey, CEO of Geospatial Intelligence, also noted the synergies ‘High-resolution and hyperspectral data have always shown considerable promise for natural capital accounting, but their power has previously not been brought to bear at scale. We have worked with these data for decades in an operational context and are looking forward to being able to bring our advanced products together with the FLINTpro modelling platform to allow this scale to be achieved for the first time’.

FLINTpro and Geospatial Intelligence also look forward to further partnerships with other long-term collaborators to bring the full power of space and science to solve the most pressing issues in land globally.

About FLINTpro

FLINTpro is a first-in-kind software system that integrates and analyzes the evolving and diverse range of data and innovative earth-sensing methodologies to measure and manage carbon and natural capital across all land uses including forests, agriculture, grasslands, coastal areas, and soils. Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, the FLINTpro team of experts empowers decision-makers to see the opportunities and impact of nature-positive business management.

FLINTpro, previously known as Mullion Group, was co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Rob Waterworth. Dr. Waterworth and FLINTpro is a recognised leader in land sector monitoring and management with a focus on greenhouse gas estimation and policy development, including as an IPCC author and expert reviewer for numerous technical systems. Dr. Waterworth is a recipient of Australia’s premier science award, the Eureka Prize, was named in The Australian Top 100 Green List for 2023 and won the Telstra national Embracing Innovation Award for 2023.

About Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd is an Australian owned, privately held company headquartered in Canberra, Australia. The Company’s expertise and experience is divided between the environment, and natural resource management and defence and security. The underlying common theme in both markets being that the intelligent use of spatial data will build and enhance knowledge, resulting in better decision making. The Company is able to address the entire life-cycle of geographic information systems, from requirements studies through to system design, data management, processing capabilities, dissemination and ongoing support. With access to the best of breed of both systems and data, we utilise the full range of technology and products to design, create and deliver solutions that best meet our client’s data, information and capability requirements.