June 25, 2024

Mapping Businesses' Impact on Nature with FLINTpro

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Written by Lara Birkes of Better Worlds:

"FLINTpro is revolutionizing how businesses understand their environmental impact. By integrating diverse data sources, this innovative platform provides comprehensive insights into companies' nature footprint, paving the way for more effective sustainability strategies.

Understanding our impact on nature is crucial in the battle against climate change. As the business community grapples with how to achieve nature positivity, in addition to climate neutrality, localized and regionally specific data is required.  That's where FLINTpro comes in.

In this episode of the Nature IS podcast, we spoke with Robert Waterworth, Co-founder and Chief Science, Policy, and Innovation Officer at FLINTpro, about how his company provides cutting-edge data integration and analytics to help organizations measure and mitigate their environmental footprint."

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