April 18, 2023

Farmanco and FLINTpro Cooperating on Carbon Opportunities

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In late 2022, Farmanco Management Consultants and the FLINTpro team signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining their intention to cooperate to further commercial opportunities in the natural capital and carbon reporting space.

The partnership aims to address the growing need for technological advancements in measuring and managing carbon on farms.

Farmanco CEO Keith Symondson says farmers are at the heart of every aspect of the consultancy’s approach to developing tools and information for Natural Capital Management.

“This is a rapidly evolving area, and we believe that it’s vitally important for growers to be provided with the most up-to-date and accurate information to help them make the best decisions for their businesses. The FLINTpro team share our view on this, with both companies understanding the importance of involving growers in the development of the tools and software products.” – Keith Symondson, Farmanco CEO.

FLINTpro’s CEO, Dr Rob Waterworth, states that demand for reliable carbon measurement is on the rise from industry.

“Reporting and information needs are growing rapidly. Simple spreadsheets and web-interfaces are not going to meet the needs, even in the near future. Combining FLINTpro’s advanced modelling with Farmanco’s detailed data collection processes and farmer reports will help future proof Farmanco clients while also supporting them to make the most of the changing market.” – Dr Rob Waterworth, FLINTpro CEO.

Initial work has begun to share knowledge and expertise between the organisations, with a series of updates to be announced in the future.

Media contacts
Jo Smallacombe
Farmanco Marketing Manager
Email: jo@farmanco.com.au

Natalie Hughes
FLINTpro Senior Director – Growth and Operations
Email: natalie.hughes@mulliongroup.com.au

About FLINTpro
FLINTpro is a first-in-kind software system that integrates a broad range of data and innovative earth-sensing technologies to measure and manage carbon gains and losses — GHG sinks and sources — across all land uses including forests, agriculture, pastures, coastal areas, and soils. Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, the FLINTpro team of experts empower decision-makers to see the opportunities in doing business in a nature-positive way.

About Farmanco
Farmanco Management Consultants, a leading agricultural consultancy, partners with clients to enhance their farm businesses and help them attain their personal and business objectives. With over four decades of experience serving the Western Australia region and a national presence since 2016, Farmanco has a thorough understanding of farmer attitudes and responses to industry changes. Offering a range of services, including farm management, agronomy, precision agronomy, grain marketing, GHG emissions auditing, and bookkeeping, Farmanco serves over 750 farm clients and operates a subsidiary, Aglytica, specialising in farm software development.