May 16, 2023

Emissions Reduction Fund

Forest Insights

FLINTpro is a powerful tool that supports pre-feasibility and due diligence of carbon projects under Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). It is used in the crucial role in facilitating the identification, assessment, and monitoring of carbon projects, offering valuable insights for both project developers and buyers of carbon credits.

One of the unique features of FLINTpro is its ability to integrate baseline assessments with projections. By tracking these baseline changes, FLINTpro can effectively identify areas of land where carbon projects could be implemented, as well as estimate their abatement potential under different scenarios. This is achieved through high-resolution, spatially explicit, modeling that is reflective of FullCAM , but providing more detailed estimates which increases the accuracy of predictions.

In addition to being a vital pre-feasibility tool, FLINTpro also serves as an essential due diligence instrument for those looking to purchase carbon credits. It enables the monitoring of changes in vegetative cover, effectively quantifying these alterations using the same sophisticated modeling techniques. This dual functionality ensures that clients have access to accurate, up-to-date information on the carbon projects they are investing in.