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The land sector is complex with large and variable landscapes that change dynamically over time, and are influenced by an array of human activity and natural events. FLINTpro is the only system capable of accurately capturing, reporting and forecasting GHG emissions, and utilising all these diverse inputs.

FLINTpro provides advanced solutions for seamless integration of spatial and aspatial data, together with models that provide accurate representation of landscape carbon impact.

Trusted by governments and leading organisations worldwide, FLINTpro offers advanced sophisticated solutions to meet individualised needs.

Reaching Net Zero

To reach net-zero requires sound understanding of the high level balance of emissions and removals across your accounting area. Plus, you need to know details of where your emissions and removals are occurring in your landscape, and through time, for advanced decision making. FLINTpro spatial and time explicit simulations provide this information, and couples it with the ability to run scenarios of emissions and mitigation potential to support the prioritisation of actions in reaching net zero. The land sector represents potential sources of emissions, and opportunities for carbon sinks. Sources and sinks are dispersed within supply-chains, across project areas, and across landscapes. All this and more can be captured within FLINTpro to help pursue your net zero goal with certified accuracy.

Responsible Investing and ESG Reporting

FLINTpro is a solution of choice for corporations and the finance sector with land and agriculture assets and investments. FLINTpro helps you quantify emissions and removals across portfolio assets, while supporting assessment of risk across the portfolio and through time. Investor demand for quantified understanding of climate related risk, risk management, and climate change impact is growing. FLINTpro offers sound quantification of historical data coupled with the ability to scenario plan and ask ‘what if’ management questions. FLINTpro has unmatched capacity, accuracy and capability to help you report on and identify climate risk reduction opportunities that improve environmental contribution of your portfolio assets.

Supply Chain Analysis

FLINTpro quantifies Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from land use within supply chains.

Through monitoring the land use history and corresponding carbon footprint of individual suppliers, catchments, or regions, FLINTpro can provide a detailed analysis of your company’s true carbon footprint.

FLINTpro shows how emissions have changed through time and can predict how emissions will change into the future.

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