FLINTpro Database to Supplement Yale / Columbia Environmental Performance Index


FLINTpro data underpins groundbreaking GHG emissions metric produced with Yale and Columbia Universities

CANBERRA, Nov. 12, 2020 —The Mullion Group today announced an unprecedented database, FLINTpro Global Run, intended for Yale’s Environmental Performance Index to provide underpinning data to support a new metric on greenhouse gas emissions from the world’s forests.

With the use of its complete environmental reporting software system FLINTpro, The Mullion Group constructed Global Run, which provides estimates of gains, losses, and net change (gains minus losses) in carbon stock due to tree cover loss and gain by country, as well as aggregated into world regions.

Now in its 22nd year, Yale’s Environmental Performance Index annual report has become the premier metrics framework for global environmental policy analysis – ranking 180 countries on 32 performance indicators across 11 issue categories covering environmental health and ecosystem vitality.

The results of this year’s 2020 EPI features several new metrics. The Mullion Group was requested to use FLINTpro to expand the greenhouse gas accounts to include GHG emissions from tree cover change for this global environmental benchmark.

“The expanded issue coverage promises to deepen the global capacity for data-driven environmental policymaking, clarifying sustainability leaders and laggards, and helping to identify best policy practices,” said EPI Project Director Zach Wendling.

“While much of the underpinning data has been available for many years, there has never been a tool to coherently integrate the data, run it at scale and present the results in a meaningful way.  We developed FLINTpro to fill this gap,” said Dr. Rob Waterworth, CEO of The Mullion Group.

“Only by providing information to decision-makers when they need it, in the format they need it, can we start to take meaningful action to address global sustainability challenges, like climate change.”


About FLINTpro
FLINTpro, developed by The Mullion Group, is a first-in-kind system that integrates a broad range of data and innovative earth-sensing technologies to measure and manage carbon gains and losses — GHG sinks and sources — across all land uses including forests, agriculture, pastures, coastal areas, and soils. Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, their team of experts empowers decision-makers to see the opportunities in doing business in a nature-positive way.


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