Environmental Database Developer Embraces Big Data Solutions for the Land Sector


Australian Software Company Creates New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracker, FLINTpro

CANBERRA, Mar. 31, 2021 — The Mullion Group, a software company for sustainable land management, has announced the development of FLINTpro, a new database for tracking and storing greenhouse gas emissions.

To mitigate the long-term risks of climate change and deliver on commitments to the United Nations’ Paris Climate Agreement, policymakers, investors and business leaders require new and more dynamic enterprise-level management tools for environmental data.

FLINTpro enables organizations to calculate and track greenhouse gas emissions from changes in land use and land management, through time and space, using a combination of global, national, and local data to produce estimates of emissions and other environmental metrics from the farm through to the full-enterprise level.

This new software system resolves historically-challenging data management issues of high-resolution traceability, jurisdictional nesting, GHG-methodology consistency, and integration of third-party data sets to provide useful policy and land management information.

“FLINTpro is a never-before-seen software database that we believe will be crucial in the continuous fight against climate change,” said CEO of The Mullion Group Dr. Rob Waterworth.

“We realized that the climate community had a lack of scaling, not a lack of data. We created FLINTPro to meet that gap and help organizations manage their land-sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”


About FLINTpro
FLINTpro, developed by The Mullion Group, is a first-in-kind system that integrates a broad range of data and innovative earth-sensing technologies to measure and manage carbon gains and losses — GHG sinks and sources — across all land uses including forests, agriculture, pastures, coastal areas, and soils. Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, their team of experts empowers decision-makers to see the opportunities in doing business in a nature-positive way.


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