Australian Farms Can Get a Forest Carbon Report in 5 Minutes Using MyFarmKey

MyFarmKey Forest Carbon Measure

Every farm in Australia can now produce a forest carbon report in 5 minutes with the latest MyFarmKey carbon update.

CANBERRA, AU, Jan. 24, 2022 — ‍Australian tech companies, Cibo Labs and FLINTpro have collaborated to create a world-first forest carbon reporting option for farmers within the MyFarmKey app.  

MyFarmKey, Australia’s leading digital farm reporting system, now also allows for reporting of forest carbon for any land parcel or farm in Australia. 

“Farmers are increasingly interested in carbon data, but getting this previously required experience with carbon models”, said Dr Rob Waterworth, CEO and co-founder of FLINTpro. “FLINTpro uniquely integrates carbon models and satellite maps to produce annual estimates of forest carbon across Australia since 1990. Combining this with MyFarmKey allows us to provide this data rapidly and cheaply to farmers for the first time”. 

MyFarmKey provides farmers with an affordable, secure, authenticated and auditable digital farm record using official land parcel maps that can be verified through land titles. These reports  can be shared with supply chains, consumers and regulators and include information on: 

  • Annual forest carbon stocks and emissions since 2000 for benchmarking and reporting.
  • Potential carbon volumes from activities under Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund.
  • Past land use, by providing over 30 years of satellite data to analyse and visualise.
  • Trends in rainfall, seasonal ground cover and woody vegetation.

“In a few minutes any farmer in Australia can generate a report for their farm demonstrating their key sustainability credentials”, said Phil Tickle, Managing Director and co-founder of Cibo Labs . “Now farmers can demonstrate the positive impacts of sustainable farm management to consumers, regulators, banks, valuers, natural capital markets and supply chains”.

The collaboration between FLINTpro and Cibo Labs is a great example of how AgTech companies can simplify access and reduce costs for farmers for the best available information to support climate change and sustainability actions, both on-farm and across supply chains.

The carbon reporting option within MyFarmKey is now live and available for all farmers to access with ease. Simply create an account at

Large farms or companies requiring more detailed carbon, vegetation or ground cover analyses can get this by contacting the FLINTpro team at or Cibo Labs at

About Cibo Labs

Cibo Labs is an agricultural data analytics company based in Queensland, Australia. Established in early 2018, Cibo Labs mission is to bring a completely new approach to monitoring Australia’s grazing lands aimed to underpin more profitable farms and more sustainable landscapes. Using world-leading science in remote sensing and machine learning (aka artificial intelligence) combined with on-farm knowledge, Cibo Labs bring new levels of understanding in pasture productivity and land condition to every farm, paddock or field in Australia.

About FLINTpro

FLINTpro, developed by The Mullion Group, is a first-in-kind system that integrates a broad range of data and innovative earth-sensing technologies to measure and manage carbon gains and losses — GHG sinks and sources — across all land uses including forests, agriculture, pastures, coastal areas, and soils. Trusted by leaders in finance, government, and business, their team of experts empower decision-makers to see the opportunities in doing business in a nature-positive way.

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